...Sensual Filipina Companion...

Having taken a Hiatus for 5 1/2 months, due to recent unprecedented times, I am again offering my companionship with very limited availability, and with preference given to familiar faces.  I am open-minded to meeting new suitors, who will be thoroughly screened for my safety.  

I ask that we do not meet if you have been in direct contact with persons with Covid-19, as well as if you feel sick in the slightest, and you can expect this from me just the same.

By now, we all know the risks in coming close proximity to anyone with the virus, however unfortunately asymtomatic carriers may also spread, so in the case of us getting together I feel we both understand this and the feeling should be mutual in our understanding of this. 

In my day to day life, I take every single precaution as to avoid contracting Covid, and even take extraprecautions to be safe, and am health conscious as I join the world in trying to navigate through this pandemic, yet also trying our best to keep our well-being, and emotionally and financially stable all at the same time. 

I also know that our society as a whole has needs, in order to maintain a healthy mindset as we seek companionship and social interactions.  I feel I am a great candidate, for those who seek someone who will listen intuitively to your needs, allow you to vent your frustrations, and I can help you redirect your energy into a positive, enlightening, passionate, session that will allow you to release those frustrations, and I can offer a gently touch to soothe you so when you leave my presence, I'd hope you will feel lighter on your feet, and with a positive demeanor to help you along your own life's journey.

I am in the process of re designing this website and have ideas in development so I invite you to stay connected and revisit in the near future I will have more content available for your viewing. My Fan Club area, and redesign of this site will take place once I finish the development as well as my newer Boudoir Photo Session takes place.

Take care of yourselves and those you love and feel free to reach out and stay in touch ~~~